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What is a fibreglass (GRP) lining?
Our fibreglass linings provide a 100% waterproof coating and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces.

This makes them the perfect option for flat roofs, spill containment, swimming pools, water features and much more.

Made from different resins, gel, pigment and fibreglass chop strand matting, fibreglass linings offer so many benefits. They are tough, easy to maintain, and seamless with no vulnerable joints. Plus our linings can be moulded to any shape and completed in vast array of colours, providing you with true flexibility.

How our fibreglass linings are applied

Our linings are made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), a durable, light and tough material. It is applied in several stages which means the final finish can be any colour, moulded to any shape, in the required thickness that the job dictates. 

For the best possible results, your chosen surface must be solid, clean and dry. Please note application cannot be carried out if it’s raining or the temperature is below 5 degrees. 

Our fibreglass linings are

100% waterproof

This makes our linings the perfect option for so many projects such as flat roofs, tank linings, swimming pools and water features.

Seamless with no vulnerable joints

Fibreglass is applied in a continuous coat avoiding the risk of leakage you may get from other forms of lining which include joints.


We offer up to a 25-year guarantee depending on the specification of the job, so you won’t need to worry about replacing your lining for many years to come.


Fibreglass lining is extremely durable, making it the smart choice for high traffic areas, and projects which demand a hard-wearing solution.

Easy to keep clean

Our linings not only look good but are jet washable and hygienic too, creating a finish that lasts.

Available in any colour.

Need to match your lining to fit with your brand colours? Not a problem! We can mix our products to specific shades based on the RAL colour chart.

Our guarantee

At Lining Systems GRP Ltd we are confident in the high quality of our workmanship and offer up to a 25 year guarantee depending on the specification of the job. Where required we can also offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

We strongly believe in the product and the way it is applied to provide the durability and performance our customers require. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Bespoke mouldings

Our fibreglass mouldings are truly flexible, giving us the opportunity to go the extra mile when our customers are in search of a bespoke solution.

Over the years we have created bespoke moulds for a wide range of projects from spill containment, planters and inserts, canine hydrotherapy equipment and aquariums. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss an idea with us, we are always happy to provide our expertise and knowledge and we enjoy a challenge!


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Our mouldings are produced by hand lay-up so there is an eye for detail. Hand laid GRP is known as one of the most cost-effective ways of manufacturing fibreglass mouldings. We have been producing mouldings this way for years, always with satisfied customers who provide repeat business with confidence.

Hand laid GRP is extremely versatile and can be practically any shape and size. It can be produced to any colour, even metallic.

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