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New service launched by Lining Systems to give greater peace of mind

New service launched to give greater peace of mind

Lining Systems is giving customers even greater peace of mind with a brand-new service. 

The PosiTest allows the team to carry out a thorough check of any lining, whether new or old, to test for faults or weaknesses which could cause problems further down the line. 

A PosiTest check can be carried out at the point a lining is installed with full reports giving the customer the confidence that the lining is fully fit for purpose. 

Alternatively, if you have an existing lining you would like checked, that’s an option too. 

The idea to add this service to what Lining Systems can offer came about when the team carried out a tank lining and the client asked for the lining to be tested. 

As this wasn’t something Lining Systems currently offered, the team did some research but soon found it was difficult to find a supplier who had a certificate to work in confined spaces to carry out the test. 

Toni Jolin, Lining Systems Director, explained: “As our operatives already hold Confined Space Certificates and we complete a lot of tank linings, it got us thinking that this could be a service we could offer ourselves.  

“With a lot of discussion and research we felt this additional piece of equipment would really benefit our current and new customers.” 

When a lining is applied occasionally a tiny area can be missed. These are known as pinholes or holidays. The difficulty is that these areas are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. If left, over time they can lead to corrosion and reduce the life of the protective coating. 

The new equipment being used by Lining Systems sees a charged electrode passed over the coating. If a defect is detected an alarm sounds, allowing the operative to carry out further inspections to find the point of weakness. 

Toni added: “It’s a very detailed service which will give added peace of mind.  

“As well as offering these checks to our customers, they will also be available as a standalone service for other companies that need their linings tested. 

“We are excited to offer this service, which shows we are always on the lookout for ways we can improve the service we offer to our customers.” 


For more information about the new PosiTest service available from Lining Systems call us today on 01206 618437 or email enquiries@liningsystems.co.uk  

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