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Lining Systems Van Pod Inserts

Our Bespoke Van Pods Are Here!

As a fibreglass lining company, we have always required our van to be lined for protection, along side this we have also required spill containment on site. Not only this we also know from experience from our customers that it is just simply not an option to have a leased van fully lined due to the van having to be returned.

All this got us thinking. After purchasing our new van we wanted to trial out something new for our customers, that would meet the combined need of a portable lining, spill containment and van protection and here it is the ………..Lining Systems Van Pod! Not only are these pods extremely versatile, they are completely bespoke.

Lining Systems Van Pod Inserts

This new product combines the benefits of a GRP lining with additional flexibility: Lining Systems Van Pods offer a portable liner that protects the van but can be easily removed if necessary, allowing the full van length to be used. They can even be moved from van to van if needed, making them a highly practical and cost-efficient option. We expect our pods to outlast the contract of the van, meaning you pay once for the pod moving it from van to van. No need to pay for each van to be lined.

The pods can be used as a spill containment area, which can often be a requirement on site. As they are completely bespoke to suit the client’s requirements, they can have doors, fit in the side, front, back or be made to fill the entire van. A design feature we have on our own van is that the pod slots over the wheel arches of the van so it doesn’t slide around or require complicated fixings to hold it in place.

The pods can come with a useful hook and chain that can be added to secure items into place, shelving, or any fixings that the customer requires.  We work along side the client to find the perfect fit, this product is to provide a practical and durable solution to make it a valuable accessory to the company.

The Benefits

  • Bespoke fitting
  • Easily cleaned, waterproof/chemical resistant lining
  • Tough and durable
  • Options for a sealed unit
  • Choice of colours available
  • Easy to fit and easy to take out
  • Removable and transferable to other vehicles
  • Protects your van from spills, dirt, and contaminants


    Lining Systems Van Pod Inserts


Who Should Consider Van Pod Inserts?

Our pods are an ideal option for leased fleet vans that cannot be fully GRP lined. They will allow you to carry what you need to, while keeping the back of the van protected, ready for its return. No more worrying about spills or having to pay for damage or cleaning.

Because the moulded finish of the pod gives a hygienic smooth surface that is easily wiped clean or jet washed. They are ideal for construction industry, especially those who do things like asbestos removal and may need to separate out materials. Perfect too for builders, joiners, plasterers, window cleaners and anybody who carries items that contain or carry dirt from equipment or stock.

Order your Van Pod Insert!

Our van lining pods are an affordable and practical way to make the most of your van. Give us a call to discuss your requirements today. We look forward to working with you.

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