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Work underway to install 1800sqm of fish pond lining.

Walpole Park

Walpole Park Case Study


This was a job completed at Walpole Park. It was a fish pond lining consisting of approx 1800 square meters.

Number of Staff : 4

Time Taken to complete : 30 days

Time of year: March

Client: Gavin Jones Group

Stage One – Exterior and island walls

Stage Two – Top half of the lake

Stage Three – Expansion joint

Stage Four – Bottom half of the lake


The initial step was to liaise with the client about time scale and health and safety requirements to allow the job to run smoothly. Full method statements, risk assessments and COSHH data sheets where issued before the commencement of any works.

All the walls were prepped this included, cleaning and drying followed by a primer. All the matting was cut into workable lengths.

Once all the areas were clean, dry and a 6060 resin had been used as a primer, the chopped strand matting is applied. This is applied in two layers using rollers to ensure there are no air bubbles. This trade requires a great eye for detail something we like to pride ourselves on.

After the layers had cured, it’s time to sand. Sanding is a vital stage as it allows for the final resin wash with top coat additive to bond to the matting. This process was carried out by hand as well as using a orbital sander.

It was now time to apply the topcoat with wax additive, for this particular job the client had chosen black as the finish colour, a black pigment was used.

Due to the size of this fish pond it was vital an expansion joint was added, we lined into the expansion joint before a flexible filler was added. This meant that if any movement occurred in the pond it would remain 100% water tight.

Once this was completed we repeated the process for the bottom half of the fish pond.


This job went well and both the contractor and us as a team were really pleased with the finished result.


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