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A black waterproof lining was applied to this water feature by Lining Systems.

Fan Shaped Pool Lining

Specification – GRP Lining to Fan Shaped Water Feature in Black.
Size – 70 sqm
Staff – 2 Operatives
Duration – 2 visits
Time of year – January

This job was completed for a new client, they required a GRP waterproof lining to a fan shaped water feature on a new build complex.

As standard we completed the Risk Assessments and Method Statement (RAMS) for these works and sent them to the client for approval. Once approved we arranged with the client the time, we could access site and for our operatives to attend the induction.

Once all the health and safety paperwork validated our operatives got to work…..

The process of works was as follows;

• Operatives completed a visual inspection of the equipment being used and relevant PPE was put on by each operative.
• Once the area was dry and free from debris operatives set up a work area adjacent to the water feature.
• All mixing of chemicals took place in the COSHH spill containment. Mixing was completed by hand.
• Water Feature was given a resin wash all over to prime work area. This was completed using hand rollers.
• Primed area was left to cure.
• Once cured operatives applied two layers of chopped strand matt fully wetted out with Norsodyne resin.
• Once cured a light hand sand was given to remove any sharps, then a final Norsodyne resin wash with wax additive.
• Once the lining was cured the water feature was ready to be filled after a week.
• Once the job was complete all materials and waste were loaded onto the van and removed from site to be disposed of meeting the correct procedures.

The Client was pleased with the works completed.

A job well done by the team!!

Lining Systems GRP Limited offer a full waterproofing service to any surface and for any projects, please get in touch to discuss your needs……

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