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Construction Industry Change – CSCS Card

What Change?

Last year saw some big changes to the Construction Safety Card Scheme (CSCS). In March last year CSCS withdrew the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card this affected over 350,000 cards holders, including us here at Lining Systems GRP Limited. The CRO Card was for all operatives attending sites that did not hold a recognised qualification but were experienced in their trade.

What this meant for us….

Currently in the UK there is no NVQ or a recognised qualification for the fibreglassing trade independently, so this did cause us an issue. Maintaining our CSCS cards was essential for our work on site to continue and for there to be no disruption to our customers.

What we did was got in touch with the CSCS team and explained the dilemma we were having with gaining a UK recognised qualification, that covered all areas of our work. With ongoing discussion, it was decided that an NVQ level 2 in Structural Waterproofing would be the best suited qualification as liquid applied membranes would be covered.

With this knowledge we decided it was vital that all our staff members were NVQ trained, this was a big commitment financially with each operatives training costing over £800 each.

The change has been welcomed by us at Lining Systems GRP Limited as we feel having the team put through an NVQ and gaining their qualification means we can demonstrate to our clients that our work is of high standard and provided by a qualified team.
We are extremely proud of our team and the commitment they have given us as a company.

We are site ready and waiting……

Get in touch if you want to discuss any projects with us, or maybe you have a client requesting a different type of training. We are happy to get our head in the books again. 😊

Thanks for reading.


For further information on the scheme changes contact the CSCS card scheme on 0344 9444777 or log onto the website at www.cscs.uk.com/cro.

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