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New Website:

Lining Systems GRP Limited thought it was about time our website was given a fresh new look to showcase our works and to demonstrate the high standard we always provide our customers.

So what’s new?


We want to stay in touch with our new and existing customers and with this in mind we have set up a section on the website where customers can sign up to a monthly newsletter that will be filled with information and tips on the linings we can provide. New customers will be better able to make an informed decision on what lining would be most suitable and also to give them an idea of our values and work ethics as a company. For the existing customers it will be a chance, with permission, to share a gallery of some of our mutual works and to give tips on how to keep the lining at its best.

Go with the flow…

There is a much better flow to the site allowing you to find what you are looking for as quickly as possible and giving you the answers to your questions to promote the right choice for your needs.

Going live…

If the information isn’t there or you need more, we don’t want you to wait. We now have a live chat option on the site so we can answer your questions and find out the best option for you. We are happy to sign post to other services if ours isn’t the correct choice for you.

We have been working hard on this site with the designer and website builder and we are pretty pleased with it, but don’t take our word for it have a browse and let us know what you think. Are we missing anything?

More exciting news to come.

Thanks for reading


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